Why I Use Organic Ingredients

A few years ago I began trying to eat foods that were more natural; those that were minimally processed and contained organic, non-GMO ingredients. I enjoyed trying new recipes and finding products that were better for my body and I actually felt better. This gave me a new awareness of how my body interacts with my environment and I began trying other things; reducing plastic, using more natural cleaning products and using less synthetic chemicals in my body care products.

Reducing chemicals proved to be more difficult than I would have guessed. According to the Huffington Post, “the average woman puts 515 synthetic chemicals on her body every day without knowing” (Persad, 2016). That sounds like a lot, but when I looked at the lotion I was using—the lotion I had chosen because I believed it was more natural—I found that it contained 55 ingredients! In fact, most of my body care products had long lists of ingredients with unpronounceable names. Just try to say tetramethyl acetyloctahydronaphthalenes!

I did experiment with products that I found in the health food store, but they seemed to be missing something. I guess I just didn’t enjoy using them because they lacked fragrance and didn’t feel great on my body. I wanted something that was good for me, but also made me feel pampered while I was using it.

This is when I tried making my own lotion and found that I could make an amazing lotion that felt great on my skin and smelled heavenly using only 5 ingredients. Wow! It turns out that I love making body care products for myself, my family and my friends and now I am offering these products to you!

Organic Temple Body Care is my company and we offer high quality body care products. We believe that what you put on your body is as important as what you put into it and we have specifically formulated our products with ingredients you would choose for yourself. We use healthy oils, butters, essential oils and other ingredients found in nature—all organic whenever possible. We want you to be healthy and to feel pampered every time you use one of our products.

Thank you for visiting our store. Please let us know if you have questions, suggestions or just say hi! We love to hear from our customers and look forward to creating a full line of organic body care products.

Reference: Persad, M. (2016, March 7). The Average Woman Puts 515 Synthetic Chemicals On Her Body Every Day Without Knowing. Retrieved from https://www.huffpost.com/entry/synthetic-chemicals-skincare_n_56d8ad09e4b0000de403d995

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